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Set: 5 FYTA Beams incl. Wi-Fi Hub & pH Kit

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You want all your plants to be healthy and happy, and want to know how your plants are doing when you're on the go? Order our set of 5 with five FYTA beams and a Wi-Fi hub . A soil pH kit is included free of charge.

Package includes:

  • 5x FYTA Beam
  • 1x FYTA Wi-Fi Hub
  • 1x USB C Cable
  • 1x Soil pH Testing Kit


  • Suitable for all potted and indoor plants in commercial substrates 
  • Monitors soil moisture, nutrient supply, temperature, and light exposure 
  • Plant-specific real-time and long-term analysis 
  • Plant recognition through smartphone camera Huge database with over 1,400 plants and specific instructions for healthy plant growth 
  • Water-resistant Hybrid power supply with battery life of over 2 years 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection to smartphone, optional Wi-Fi extension possible with FYTA Hub 
  • Body made of recycled plastic 
  • Dimensions: 56 x 32mm (body), 75mm (rod length), best suited for pot height between 10-15 cm, interchangeable soil rods available in different lengths in the FYTA Shop 
  • Dimensions of the depicted plant pot: 14cm (height), 13.5cm (width) 
  • Weight: 20g

Wi-Fi Hub 

  • With the FYTA Hub, you can extend the Bluetooth 5.0 connection via your home Wi-Fi network and be connected to your plants anywhere
  • Data is read hourly from the beams, and the evaluations are automatically sent to you
  • Data is uploaded to a secure cloud for you
  • You can manage multiple sensors more easily
  • Connection via USB cable (included)
  • Dimensions: Height: 30mm, Diameter: 40mm
  • Weight: 70g

Soil pH Test Kit 

  • With our pH kit, you can measure if your plant is in the right soil 
  • The appropriate pH value is important for your plant's nutrient supply
  • Depending on how you water or fertilize, the value changes: regular monitoring is worthwhile!


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7,5 cm

7,5 cm

7,5 cm

5x 7,5 cm, 5 x 14 cm



Kostenlose App für Android und i0S

Hybride Stromversorgung, mit einer Batterielaufzeit von über 2 Jahren

Bluetooth 5.0 für kabellose Verbindung zum Smartphone

FYTA Hub inklusive, Verbindung über dein Heim-Wi-Fi-Netzwerk




Pflanzensensor FYTA Beam


Set: 5 FYTA Beams incl. Wi-Fi Hub & pH Kit

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