Make your plants happy

Plants are quiet creatures. Sometimes, you might not even notice when your leafy friend is feeling under the weather—until it's too late. Enter FYTA: your partner in plant care. Armed with data and insights, we offer you a deep dive into the health of your plants, ensuring they thrive under your care.

Perfectly Tuned
to your Plant

Customized Plant Care

Our analysis recognizes and adapts to the species-specific needs of your plant. Simply identify your plant using our image-based recognition feature, and our system dynamically adjusts to its species, the current environmental conditions, and even the time of year.

Gardening with Success

The needs of your plants vary not only depending on the species, but also on their current growth phase. To help you get the most yield from your tomato, chilli and broccoli plants, we take the current growth phase of your plant into account in our analyses.

Optimal Care
for Your Plant

Watering with Precision

Too much, too little, or too uneven—mastering your plant's watering schedule is an art. We keep an eye on your plant’s hydration needs and notify you when it’s time to water. Ready to make watering a breeze?

Say Goodbye to Waterlogging!

Our interchangeable soil probes are designed to prevent overwatering and waterlogging by giving you a clear picture of the moisture levels in the bottom third of your pot. Suitable for large plants, these probes accommodate pot sizes up to 55 cm with ease.

Smart Fertilizing

We analyze substrate type and salz content to recommend the perfect fertilization schedule. By monitoring light, temperature, and humidity continuously, we ensure your plants receive nutrients precisely when needed.

The Optimal Location
for your plant

Light Up Your Plant's Life

Light is vital for plant health. It’s not just about the daily amount of light but also how it's distributed over time. We track light intensity and duration across the entire spectrum to ensure your plants receive the ideal amount for growth and blooming, throughout the day.

Temperature Control

Sudden temperature changes, whether due to a change in location or external weather conditions, can stress out your plants. A few minutes or hours too hot or too cold, and poof, your plant could lose all its leaves or wither away. FYTA helps stabilize your plant's environment, keeping conditions ideal with alerts and recommendations.

Stress-Free Plant Care
and More Fun with Plants

Everything at a Glance

Got a lot of plants and sometimes lose track? In our app, you’ll find all your upcoming to-dos like watering, fertilizing, or repotting neatly organized. Push notifications remind you when it’s time to get back into the garden.

Expert Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Our app is your go-to for everything you need to know—compact, reliable, and ready when you are. Explore tutorials, our plant library, and more. And if you have any questions or uncertainties, just contact our support directly through the app, where plant and tech experts are on hand to help.

Get your green thumb!

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1 Beam + Wi-Fi Hub

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3 Beams + Wi-Fi Hub

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5 Beams + Wifi Hub

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