Guarantee conditions FYTA GmbH

Status: for purchases from June 1st, 2022

§ 1 Scope

The following warranty conditions apply to all contractual relationships between the dealer (FYTA GmbH, Viktoria-Luise-Platz 7, 10777 Berlin) and the customer.
which relate to the purchase of products via the retailer's website.
The claim arising from this guarantee exists in addition to the statutory warranty. The customer's rights under the statutory warranty remain unaffected. The warranty claim does not cover consequential damage. Consequential damage includes damage that occurred outside of the device due to defective equipment, as well as damage to third parties.

§ 2 Guarantee product

The guarantee extends to all products from the manufacturer FYTA GmbH.
Excluded from the guarantee are consumables (e.g. batteries, accumulators, etc.) and wearing parts.

§ 3 Guarantee period

The duration of the guarantee is 60 months (5 years) from the invoice date. The guarantee period is not extended due to the provision of services under this guarantee, in particular not in the case of repairs or replacements. In these cases, the warranty period does not begin again.

§ 4 Assumption of costs for returns under the guarantee

The dealer undertakes to cover the return costs. Within Germany he provides a corresponding pre-paid shipping label. For returns from abroad, after express agreement, the customer can initially send the goods back at their own expense and send the receipt to the dealer for the purpose of reimbursement of costs.

§ 5 Asserting a guarantee claim

The customer can assert the rights arising from these guarantee conditions by notifying the dealer in text form within the guarantee period.

§ 6 Existence of a guarantee case

A warranty case occurs if the contractually agreed functions are not present.
This affects hardware and software (app).

§ 7 Benefits in the event of a guarantee

- Exchange or repair

§ 8 Requirements, exclusion and expiry

The guarantee only applies if the hardware and software are used correctly.

The warranty claim expires if:

  • improper treatment
  • Failure to observe safety precautions
  • Use of force (e.g. beating)
  • Attempt repairs on your own

This guarantee only applies to the dealer's direct customer and contractual partner and is not transferable. It expires as soon as the goods are resold to third parties.