Is there a user manual for the FYTA Beam & Hub?

    How to set up the FYTA Beam?

    1. Please go to the plant profile

    2. Click on "FYTA Beam" on the left under the photo,

    3. Select "Add beam

    4. Then simply go through the onboarding process.

    Repeat steps 1-4 with other plants & sensors

    You can also find everything in detail in our operating instructions:

    User Manual Beam & Hub EN

    How does the damn battery compartment open?

    Yes, the battery compartment is tricky. But it is bombproof! And fortunately, you don't have to do that often. The trick is a push-turn motion:

    • The direction of rotation of the lid is unusual for European standards. Ie to open the compartment you turn to the right, to close it to the left.
    • Gently press the lid onto the compartment as you rotate.
    • Important: the compartment only turns about one centimeter to the right to open, then you can already remove the lid.

    My Beam did not pair. And now?

    Please check first whether you have downloaded the latest version of the app.

    Check whether all permissions have been granted and Bluetooth is active.

    By the way, you don't need to reinsert the battery. To pair, simply press the button on the Beam's neck when the pairing prompt appears. If that doesn't work either, please contact

    (with information about your smartphone. That helps)

    What do the colors of the LEDs mean on the Beam & Hub.

    Blue: Firmware update

    Beam flashing green. pairing mode

    Beam flashing red: battery low, please change

    Hub green: Pairing mode or not connected to WiFi or Internet

    My Beam lights up blue and cannot be paired.

    If the blue LED lights up, the sensor is in DFU mode. The app recognises this automatically if it is open and in the foreground, it then repairs the sensor. To do this, please open the app again, bring it close to the sensor and wait a little.

    How to set up the hub?

    To set up the hub, please click on the + sign in the top right corner of the garden view. Then go through the Hub onboarding process.

    Important: once the hub is connected, nothing else needs to be done. The sensors automatically send data to the nearest hub once an hour.

    After the data has been sent to the Wifi Hub for the first time (after approx. 1 hour), a Wifi sign also appears in the plant profiles.

    Der Hub sendet keine Daten

    Manchmal kann es vorkommen, dass auch nach Einrichtung der Hub nicht mit dem Internet verbunden ist.

    Um das Problem zu beheben, gehe bitte folgendermaßen vor:

    - entferne den Hub aus Deinem Garten (oben rechts die 3 Punkte und dann Hub bearbeiten)
    - ziehe das USB-C Kabel aus dem Hub
    -halte die Taste am Boden des Hub gedrückt und stecke das UBS-C Kabel wieder ein
    - der Hub blinkt rot und ist zurückgesetzt
    - richte den Hub neu im Garten ein

    How do I connect the FYTA Beams to the hub?

    Not at all. Pairing devices with each other is very 2018. Our FYTA Beams always dynamically connect to the nearest hub. And once an hour.

    After the beams have sent data to the Wifi Hub for the first time, a Wifi sign also appears in the plant profiles. However, this can take about 1 hour the first time.

    What is the button on the beam/hub for?

    Beam: pairing mode

    Hub: reset

    What battery is in the FYTA Beam?

    The battery is a commercially available CR2032 lithium coin cell

    What is the battery life of the FYTA Beam?

    That depends on several factors. Under normal circumstances, the battery lasts 1-2 years and is additionally supported by the solar cell. However, the runtime decreases with frequent use of the live mode or in a cold environment.

    Can the FYTA Beam really save my plants?

    There is no guarantee that the FYTA Beam will save all of your plants. Plants are complex creatures that need more than light, water, fertilizer and heat. But the FYTA Beam will help you better understand your plants and their needs.

    Think of the FYTA Beam as a kind of fitness tracker that not only provides you with health information, but also encourages you to establish healthy habits.

    This is roughly how the FYTA Beam works. Just for plants 😎

    Do I need a FYTA Beam for each plant?

    Theoretically yes. The FYTA Beam continuously measures and analyzes the data for a plant. However, you have the option of moving the FYTA Beam from one plant to the next for quick tests. There is an extra function in the app that simplifies this process. With this you can at least take a quick look at whether a plant lacks water or whether we are currently dealing with the site conditions. Alternatively, you can always switch the FYTA Beam to your plants on a weekly basis. But it is best if the beam stays in the plant.

    Does the FYTA Beam detect waterlogging?

    no The FYTA Beam determines the moisture in the entire pot area. Since waterlogging is usually caused by overwatering, the FYTA Beam warns you before it even occurs. For an accurate measurement, it is important that you adjust the length of the stick to the height of the pot.

    Does the FYTA Beam also work for orchids?

    Not yet. But very soon! We're working on it right now. In our newsletter we draw attention to all new features and changes.

    What is the FYTA Hub? And do I need it?

    That depends on your needs. You can easily connect the FYTA Beams via Bluetooth. However, the number of sensors in a pure Bluetooth configuration affects usability: To retrieve the data without a hub, you have to open the app near the beams. The more beams are together and the less often you open the app, the longer the data download takes. With a Wi-Fi hub, the data is read from the beams every hour and the evaluations are sent to you automatically.

    How many FYTA Beams can I connect to a hub?

    As long as the FYTA Beams are within Wi-Fi range of the hub, as many as you want. Really true.

    Can the hub be connected to 5GHz WiFi?

    No, unfortunately not at the moment.

    Can you use multiple hubs at the same time?

    Yes, of course, multiple hubs can be used at the same time to increase coverage.

    Why do the sensors show different values ​​when they are all in the same pot

    Due to the measurement method, the sensors interfere when they are in a pot. The plant profile must also match so that the evaluations are identical.


    In which languages ​​do you offer the app?

    The FYTA app is currently available in German and English. The language settings can be changed in the settings.

    What does the app cost?

    Nothing. Nada. Rien.

    Can the Photo ID also recognize outdoor plants?

    But yes! Try it out! :)

    Why are you only doing so many updates??? In which languages ​​do you offer the app?

    Because we want to get better! We currently release new app and firmware updates every two to three weeks. Since we launched in mid-June 2022, we are currently finding out together with you what we can improve. And we keep finding new bugs and still have a lot of great ideas. We make frequent updates so you don't have to wait for things to work better. In a few months things will certainly calm down a bit.

    My plant is not recognized, now what?

    We already have more than 2,100 indoor and potted plants in our database. With this we cover the majority of commercially available indoor plants. If yours isn't there, you can send us a short message in the app and we'll include the plant in our next update. In the meantime, we'll assign values ​​from the same plant family to your plant.

    Is the FYTA app available for Android and iOS?

    Yes, both!

    Was bedeuten die Smybole an den Pflanzen?

    • grünes Gesicht: der Pflanze geht es gut
    • rotes Ausrufezeichen: die Pflanze benötigt Hilfe/Pflege
    • Glocke mit Z: ein stummgeschalteter Parameter ist nicht im optimalen Bereich
    • Sanduhr: die erste Analyse läuft noch

    Warum benötigt die App die Berechtigung für den Standort? (Android)

    Da die Kommunikation zwischen App und Sensor über Bluetooth erfolgt, muss der App erlaubt sein, Geräte in der Nähe zu erkennen. Dazu ist je nach Android-Version die Freigabe des Standorts notwendig, da dies an die Erkennung von Geräten in der Nähe gekoppelt ist.


    Do you also ship outside the EU?

    Yes, we also deliver outside the EU to the UK, US, AUS, NZ, Turkey and Israel.

    Is the FYTA Beam also available in wholesale?

    Yes of course! Just write an email to:


    How long has FYTA been around and who is behind it?

    FYTA was founded in 2018. The co-founders are Claudia Nassif, Sylvie Basler and Alex Schmitt.

    Who is my contact for collabs or press activities?

    The best way to contact us is by email: We look forward to your inquiry!

    Where can I get in touch if I want to work with you?

    Are you interested in becoming part of our wonderful team? Yay! We are happy! Just send us a CV and a meaningful cover letter to Your contact person in this case is Claudia.