Killer Plant Music

A Christmas gift from D.Strauss

Video Time: 2:24

Hard times are on their way, as DJ and music journalist D. Strauss knows. Mistletoe bullies its way into Christmas time, trees are suddenly showing up in apartments. Luckily, there is an antidote: Plant Music!

We asked D.Strauss: what the heck is plant music?

It is incomprehensible for Strauss how mistletoe managed to gain the cultural meaning it holds today: „It really is not a plant which encourages interaction!“.  Christmas trees are just ugly, he feels. No wonder we cover them up with so much stuff.  As you might have noticed from our first encounter with him, D. Strauss is convinced that plants need to be kept in check. For instance, with a little help from music. For fyta, he looked through his records and picked the best songs for us. Armed with this playlist, we are prepared to face Christmas.


Merry Christmas to all!