How To

Repot a cactus safely

Repoting a cactus with large pricks can seem daunting. But fear not - it’s easier than you think.
What you need
What you need

  • Your cactus, of course
  • Clay pebbles, potsherds or other chunky material
  • Potting mixfor cacti and succulents
  • Protection gloves
  • A piece of sturdy fabric or newspaper
  • A string
  • Scissors or pruners
  • A new planter
  • Optional: a stick or a hole pincher

There comes a time in every cactus’ life when it longs for a new pot. A prickly affair for you, the plant parent – but a rare occasion, too. Luckily, you’ll only need to repot if one of the cases below apply.

  • The cactus is top-heavy or is outgrowing its pot
  • You can see cactus roots creep out of the pot. This tells you the cactus root bound and is your cactus way of asking you to give him some more space to grow.
  • It has been about two or three years since the cactus got new soil and it’s time to take him out and give him some new soil filled with fresh nutrients.
  • Or, like in our case, your cat pushed the poor thing from the sill and peed on the soil, thinking it’s litter (this really happened).

Repoting a cactus: Step-by-Step