How To

Propagate Succulents in Soil

You can propagate succulents in water - or, as we show here, using potting mix
The right Potting Mix
Succulents like it sandy and dry. Use a designated mix for succulents. If you want, add a bit of soilless mix. It’s sterile and holds moisture particularly well.

In our last entry, we showed you how to propagate succulents in water. That’s a fairly common method. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to do the same thing – just using potting mix instead! The advantage of water propagation is that it’s a really transparent process. Pun intended. You can see the roots grow. On the other hand, if you use soil, you won’t be wasting plastic (clingfilm), you can test whether your succulents like your potting mix, and you can still see whether it works. Take a look at our step-by-step DIY to find out how!

What you need

  • healthy succulents to take cuttings from
  • spoon, fork, pincers – basically everything you can find in your cutlery or bathroom drawer
  • a sieve with large holes
  • plenty of little pots
  • potting mix for succulents
  • small pebbles
  • small bottle filled with water (Yes! You’ll need that not to overwater!)

How to propagate succulents in soil: Step-by-Step