How To

Propagate Succulents in Water

Propagating succulents is a piece of cake - and much fun!
Good to know
Good to know

  • You can also propagate your succulents using soil instead of water. We’ll soon post that!

Overwatering. It happens to countless plant parents, it’s happened to us. If your succulent looks like it might be dying, don’t be too upset: there is a way to turn it into the mother of lots of little plant babies and let it live on through its offspring.

What you need

  • the succulent plant you want to propagate
  • chopsticks, ice spoon, fork, pincers, basically everything you can find in your cutlery or bathroom drawer
  • glass container and rubber bands
  • cling wrap
  • Potting mix for cacti and succulents
  • pebbles
  • small oil/vinegar dispenser filled with water or a multipurpose bottler with a bent nose
  • litte planters and saucers

Propagate Succulents in Water: Step-by-Step