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The smart plant sensor that lets your house plants talk to you

Does your relationship status with your house plants read “complicated”?  How often do you stand in front of their dried-up remains and wonder what went wrong in the relationship? Too much water? Too little? Red-hot nights have them frazzled?

Just like us humans, plants are living and sentient beings. It can be hard to understand exactly what they need, and it can take years to decrypt all those silent messages they send us. The key to helping our plants survive and thrive without speaking the same language? It’s all about finding smarter, more deeper ways to connect.

We’ve got the answer. Meet the FYTA Beam, a smart plant sensor that connects your plants with your smartphone so you know when they need more water, fertilizer, light or a warmer spot. Forget counselling or a trial separation: the FYTA Beam will make you fall for one another all over again.


Easy peasy plant care

The FYTA Beam measures critical factors for a plant’s wellbeing, including soil moisture and nutrition levels, light intensity and ambient temperature. Just insert it into the soil next to your plant and install the FYTA app – intelligent insights will be sent your way instantly via Bluetooth.

You can create a profile for a plant and the FYTA app will supply you with relevant care information to keep it healthy and happy. It will seamlessly monitor the plant’s progress to ensure all measurements stay within the correct limits, and when it’s time for food or water, you’ll get a simple notification to take action. No more guess work, lots more “it works!”.

Brains meets beauty

We couldn’t find a smart sensor that worked the way we wanted it to. Many existing sensors only measure moisture, some don’t work at all, and others are so badly designed they look like they crash-landed from Planet Fugly.

We wanted to do a better job. We wanted the FYTA Beam to be an environmentally conscious tech device that not only works great, but also looks awesome. It’s customizable and designed from recyclable materials such as glass. It’s intelligent. It’s built to last. In short, it’s the future.

smart plant sensor FYTA beam devices

The FYTA App: More than a messenger

The FYTA App does more than just check on your plants and nudge you in the right direction – it digs up a whole host of smart insights to help your relationship flourish in new ways:

  • Plant identification: Do you know what plants you actually have? No? Well, good job the app is here to help you identify them!
  • The FYTA plant library: Our plant library includes plant care instructions for all common houseplants. It keeps all plant information handy and in one place. Simple.
  • Virtual Garden: Create personal profiles for your plants and organize them in virtual gardens. Perfect if you have many to look after!
  • Customized notifications: Choose how often you’d like to hear from your plants. Have a FYTA Base?  You can share plant status reports and care instructions with other people.
  • Tutorials: Enjoy fun tutorials that show you how to take better care of your plants. You’ll even learn how to make plant babies. Yes, you read that right. Plant babies!

All of these features come together to help you do one spectacular thing: better understand your plants and eventually connect with them device-free. Time to fall back in love.

smart plant sensor FYTA App
smart plant sensor FYTA App Ansichten

The FYTA Base: Check in on your plants while you’re away

Leaving your beloved plants behind? Don’t fret. With the FYTA Base, it’s easy to check in on them while you’re away and share care instructions with a friend or neighbor via email.

The FYTA Base is a hub that connects all of your FYTA Beams to your home Wifi network, extending the Bluetooth range waaaayyyy further. It constantly monitors all FYTA Beams and uploads data to a secure cloud, allowing you to access critical insights whenever, wherever. The FYTA Base also provides better notification and sharing functions through the FYTA App, and helps you manage multiple sensors with greater ease and security.


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