Elephant Ear, Giant taro, skeleton plant

The Alocasia Zebrina is a stunning tropical plant. She is a scene-stealing diva with big, spectacular leaves and not one for the faint of heart. The key to success is to keep the Alocasia zebrina away from intense, bright sunlight
and ensure that the soil is neither soaked nor bone dry. A high-humidity environment helps. Sounds too high-maintenance? Yes, but SO worth it
- South-East Asia
- first-class diva
- bright, indirect light. small sip of water more often instead of a lot of water at once thrives in a hot, humid environment (60-70%)
- spider mites, mealy bugs


  • Loves to be root-bound in a cozy, small pot. Don’t repot into a larger pot too quickly.
  • Zebrinas can only sustain 4-5 stems at a time and when new leaves are being grown, the old and weak ones will droop and die. So don’t fret over single stems or leaves.
  • Several drooping stems and/or yellowing leaves, however, are often a sign that the Zebrina is overwatered. Check the moisture level in the soil.
  • Zebrina’s are tough cookies and can bounce back from being reduced to one leaf or none. Don’t give up too fast.

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