“If you want to know what the world is, you need to ask plants – because they create the world.” – Emanuele Coccia

Berlin-based, but with an otherworldly vision. We are FYTA, and we develop inventive, intuitive and cool products for a new generation of indoor gardeners.

Today’s solutions just don’t cut it. We are improving existing products and crafting entirely new ones to see our vision through. In time, FYTA will become a platform to help you take better care of your plants – to “hear” them, learn about and from them. A place where a passionate community is in bloom. Where gardening tips, tricks and inspiration abound.

FYTA is a new way of thinking. Here, the plant is a living and sentient being, not an interior design object. We are dedicated to promoting a deeper connection to nature through expanding the possibilities of interior gardening – wherever and however you live. We want to bring people together and show them that connecting with plants can be fun, soothing and smart.

FYTA was founded in 2018 by Claudia Nassif and Sylvie Basler, two passionate plant lovers who failed to find the products, insights and community they needed during their own garden-growing journeys. The duo is devoted to crafting modern-day gardening experiences for the digital-savvy generation.

Before embarking on this journey, Claudia and Sylvie held executive positions in large international companies. Together, they combine over forty years of experience in finance, management, product development, branding and design. Their work today is supported by an international team of plant scientists, developers, designers and creatives.

FYTA is planting a radical seed: to transform your home into a lush garden. Plants, soil, nature itself: it’s all there for the taking. Come get down and dirty.